Bradley B Events

making events, teams and people work well together

Face-to-face > screen, every time.

Since beginning my marketing experience working in artist development for major record labels like Virgin and Interscope in the late 90's, I've had the pleasure of working on dozens of Fortune 100/500 marketing projects of various size, scale, and budgets.

In the last 5 years however, most of my work is in the field - having conversations with clients, guests and potential sales audiences.  It's what I still love doing - talking to people.  It seems a rare and lost art.  I'm fortunate enough that my clients in the technology,  entertainment and sports sectors think so, too.  

Finally, I was fortunate enough to spend three years in a music marketing start up, working on both digital and social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit) for global projects with companies like CJ (Korea), Intel & Warner Music Group.

You'll find me beyond valuable in the following areas:

  • B2C Experiential Marketing (strategy and delivery)

  • Team Building, Training and Oversight (physical and digital)

  • Brand Identity and Messaging

  • Pitching Presenting and Crowd Gathering